Give yourself the blue edge

Giving yourself and your business the Blue Edge is much more than just having an edge on your competitors.  It’s about having the edge to withstand economic uncertainty, to achieve your life’s goals, and always being in control so you never get surprised.  Of course, along the way you’ll also need a great tasting coffee to give you an edge.  

Digital Workflow

Quicker, Easier & More Efficient

Do you remember getting a copy of the tax return form from your local newsagency?  Do you remember filling everything out in pen then going back to the newsagency for another form because you made a mistake, before posting everything off in an actual envelope? What about waiting forever to get a cheque in the mail from the ATO?  

When you choose to partner with us, we promise a seamless and beautiful digital workflow from start to finish.  What does that mean you ask?  Well for one thing, unless you specifically request it, we can guarantee we’ll never post you anything!  Saving the environment and the postie’s back at once.

We work digitally because the world is digital.  That means we can communicate with each other through email and phone channels, so you don’t need to take a half day just to meet with your accountant once a year.  We can set you up a secure folder where bulk documents can be uploaded online if necessary.  If you need a face to face chat about something complex then we’re comfortable catching up over Zoom or Teams or anything similar.  A meeting in our Osborne Park office is always available though (and that’s the only way to get a great coffee on us).  

We prepare your tax returns using a suite of specific, cloud based software options.  This means you can sign your documentation electronically and we will lodge your forms (whether that’s to the ATO or ASIC or anything else) online.  No more email attachments that need printing, signing, scanning, and emailing back.  Digital copies of everything means it’s a simple as forwarding an email when your bank wants to see a prior year tax return, or a set of financials.

We promise that once you get used to it, it’ll be the easiest compliance experience you’ve ever had.  There is always the option to print and send things out by post, but Australia Post are a bit busy these days delivering those cheap Amazon impulse purchases that you forgot about.

The Team

Because it is The People That Make The Difference




You will always remember meeting Ben, if for nothing other than his impressive moustache for which he is very proud.  A Darwin boy originally, he has travelled extensively throughout the world but despite this has never managed to be fluent in another language (unless you count ordering beers).  Moving to Perth in 2006 he is now settled here with a wife and two young girls.




Perth born and bred, Anthony is a die hard West Coast Eagles man and the reigning footy tipping champion.  Beloved of a family trip with his wife and two girls in the 4WD or the occasional overseas jaunt, Anthony believes in working hard and then enjoying the well earned time off.

MICHAEL MURPHY - Consultatant



A lover of all the good things in life - opera, fine wine, exotic holidays and Busselton –Michael is our hugely experienced, part time client history expert.  He juggles his time between the office and the croquet court.

MOLLY TUTTON _ Office Manager


Office Manager & Reception

Our Director of First Impressions will be your first point of contact whether by phone or in person at our Osborne Park offices.  Molly is a happy and helpful team member who will get things done for you.

JIOK PHOE - Accountant



Our quiet, yet extremely capable, tax ninja has been with the firm as long as it has been around.  Jiok’s main focus in the firm is compliance and you will not find a better tax accountant in Perth.  Jiok is fluent in Bahasa Indonesian.

NICOLE NG - Accountant



Nicole is our SMSF compliance expert who will get your Fund’s return lodged on time.  Coming to the Blue Edge team in 2019 with a wealth of experience, Nicole will ensure your compliance work is done right the first time.  Nicole is fluent in Mandarin and a bit of Cantonese.


We Know it is About Much More Than Just Numbers

At Blue Edge Business Partners we take coffee very seriously. Like “bordering on an obsession” seriously.  If you come to our Osborne Park offices for any reason, you can expect a high quality coffee experience to rival your favourite café.

All of our staff are required to attend an industry standard barista training course in order to wield the sacred portafilter.  While any member of staff is capable of pulling a well balanced, clean double espresso, you would do well to avail yourself of “Molly’s Café”.

Established in 2020,Molly’s Café is the premier coffee facility on level 3.  Probably. Molly will make whatever you’re after – espresso, flat white, long black, macchiato, you name it.  Also stocking a selection of tea and locally brewed cold brew coffee cans, Molly’s Café will be your new favourite beverage emporium.

For the coffee nerds out there, here are the details
  • MACHINE - La Marzocco Linea Mini
  • GRINDER - Eureka Atom60E
  • BEANS – Leftfield Roasters’ Fat Puppy
  • TEA – Elmstock English Breakfast
  • COLD BREW – FilamentCoffee
I Told You We Were Serious!


Our Digital Accounting Weapon of Choice

We love Xero.  There I’ve said it.  You may have seen the advertising around online and wondered what it is.  Well first up, it’s not a cult and we have not drunk the cool-aid.  We love it for what it does for us and what it could do for you.

It’s a cloud based accounting program made by an Australian listed company (ASX : XRO).  They were originally, technically, a New Zealand company but they are now a global company with the program expanding into European and Asian markets at the moment.

What does that mean for you?  Well imagine your accounting system was with you day and night, available at your convenience through any web browser (I’ve tested it and you can get it working on your smart TV).  No more software updates or working out how to get the file to someone else (ie your accountant) or being constrained to a desktop or manually entering sales data.

Xero is updated daily and you always have the most current version. Everyone who you allow to have access, has access to the live data at the same time.  It works anywhere with internet and a browser and also has an app. Best of all you can integrate it with thousands of apps to do just what you need and have Xero pull the data straight into your live accounting system.  Point of sale can be run on a tablet, stocktake done on your phone, staff rosters and timesheets completed from the beach(if that’s your thing) and it all integrates seamlessly.  From there you can lodge BAS and tax returns and create financial statements and customise reports to suit your needs.

If this all sounds too good to true, then let us show you how beautiful it can be.  If you are already using Xero, but not to it’s maximum capabilities, then let’s have a chat about how we can help you understand your business better and move towards more efficient accounting and back office administration.  Then everyone can spend more time doing what they would prefer to!

Advisory Options

Sage Advice When you Need it

What even is advisory in an accounting sense?  And why would I ever need it?  The easiest way to put it is this – some accountants are numbers accountants, and some accountants are word accountants.

Need a tax return completed?  Want to know what your CGT liability might be if you sell that rental property?  Excited by the refund potential in those big dividends?  Scared by the tax payable liability in your booming business?  You need a numbers accountant, and we have some of the best in the business.  Accurate numbers are important and compliance is an annual requirement and you want things done right, with the best possible outcome, the first time.

Say, however, you don’t understand where all the cash is going in your business.  Why is it such a struggle, and why is there nothing to show for booming sales?  Does this new government announcement apply to me and how do I get in the program?  How can I move into the property my Trust owns?  Can I buy a boat and borrow the cash from my company? What even is TikTok?

Advisory is the answer to questions like this (well except the TikTok one – ask a teenager).  It’s about a problem that you have in relation to a business or tax issue.  One that you can’t answer with a calculator or a tax return.  It’s something that can’t be cleared up with a quick phone call.

We go away with your instructions and through meticulous research, internal discussions, and well written documentation, we can come back to you with a quality response that you can rely on.  Where appropriate we have a strong network of external partners that we can also call upon to get the correct answer.  We’ll always be the first to put our hands up if we don’t know the answer.

We can also help you to improve your understanding of your own business.  Plenty of small business owners are great at what they do (selling coffee, making pies or designing dresses) but not so good at what they don’t do (cashflow budgets, understanding a balance sheet or what is a wage margin).  That’s ok, we don’t know how to design a wedding dress.  Let us help you to understand the other side of your business.

Compliance Options

Making Sure it Done Right

We can handle all your tax and business compliance needs in a seamless digital workflow.  We have everything needed to accurately lodge:

Income Tax Returns

  • Individuals
  • Partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)
  • Companies

ASIC Compliance :

  • Business Name register
  • Annual corporate compliance responsibilities
  • Company details changes

Registration& creation of :

  • Trust Deeds
  • SMSF Deeds
  • Companies
  • Partnership agreements


Completion of the correct forms and lodgement with the right authority is only a small portion of the process though.  We could teach anyone to do that bit.  It’s the decades of knowledge, and regularly updated professional development learning, inside our staff’s brains that is where the real magic happens.

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